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YY(Q)W series thermal oil boiler heating temperature can reach 340℃ liquid phase, thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%. Horizontal thermal oil boilers is used in chemistry, plastics, rubber, deodorization, fatty acid distillation, heating, hydrogenation reaction, esterification, hot pressing, calendering, industrial distillation, etc. Gas thermal oil furnace is a high efficiency and energy saving heating equipment that transfers heat to the heating equipment. Wide range of models, cold and hot air models, various choices, high thermal efficiency, long service life.


Horizontal thermal oil boilers

Horizontal thermal oil boilers


Gas thermal oil boiler is a new type of heating equipment. The heat conduction oil is used as the carrier to force the heat carrier to circulate through the circulating pump and the liquid phase of the heat carrier to circulate through the circulating oil pump. The heat is transferred to the heating equipment and then returned to the hot furnace for reheating. The heating surface has a compact structure, and the heating surface is composed of a disc tube which is closely arranged inside, inside and outside (or inside and outside). The inner coil tube is a radiation heating surface, and the outer surface of the inner coil tube and the inner coil tube constitutes a convective heating surface.

Horizontal thermal oil boilers has wide application range, stable and reliable operation. Mainly used in chemical light industry, petroleum chemical industry, oil decomposition, plastic, rubber, leather industry, textile printing and dyeing, chemical fiber, coating paint, wood processing, cement, building materials processing, the carbon industry, highway traffic, asphalt heating, pharmaceutical industry, nuclear industry, metal processing, food industry, feed processing and other industries.

This series of thermal oil boilers has high temperature, low pressure, accurate temperature control and high utilization rate of heat energy. The heating surface is densely arranged disc tube, and the heating surface is sufficiently arranged to reduce the heat load on the surface of the tube and make the use of heat conducting oil safer. The diameter and length of the radiation coil are fully adapted to the flame of the combustor to ensure the reliable operation and adequate cooling of the coil. The compact structure of the boiler greatly saves the floor space of the boiler room.


YY(Q)W series  thermal oil boiler

YY(Q)W series thermal oil boiler


YY(Q)W series industrial boiler tail set air preheater, improve boiler efficiency. In order to ensure the full heat transfer of the furnace body and the higher thermal efficiency of the boiler system, the convection heating surface adopts a higher reasonable flue gas velocity on the basis of rigorous calculation. Horizontal thermal oil boilers heating up to 300℃, general working pressure in 1MPa below, safe and reliable. Zozen Boilers specialize in producing high quality boiler products, which are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world. We have established friendly cooperation with many customers. Welcome to consult and purchase.

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