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Gas steam boiler high temperature protection

High temperature protection of gas steam boiler: When the dry burning protector detects that the temperature is higher than 95 °C, immediately cut off the heating tube power supply; leakage protection: when the leakage current is greater than 15 mA, immediately cut off the power supply to prevent people from getting electric shock, the display shows Fault code and warning prompt, after the fault is removed, the controller can be restarted to work normally.
Gas steam boiler high temperature protection
  Anti-freeze function of gas steam boiler: When the controller is energized, when the anti-freeze function is activated, when the temperature is lower than 3 °C, the heater starts to heat; when the temperature is detected to rise to 8 °C, the heater stops heating; Function: The parameters of various settings have memory function. It is not necessary to reset the power after turning off the power. After the gas steam boiler time setting is completed, it can also be operated as usual after power failure. It is not necessary to correct the time again after power-on.
  Gas steam boiler thermostat control: If the operating temperature is not set after power-on, the system will work according to the default parameter of 50 °C; if the operating temperature is set, it will run according to the set. After the power is turned on, the controller detects that the heating temperature is 8 ° C lower than the set temperature, and according to the set gear position, the heating tube is turned on, and when the heating temperature is detected to be equal to or higher than the set temperature, the power is turned off, and the heating is stopped. The temperature is slowly lowered below the set temperature by 8 ° C and the heating tube is turned on again to achieve a constant temperature.

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