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Gas heat conduction oil furnace cleaning

The generation of coke deposits in the heat transfer oil will cause excessive pressure loss in the furnace tube. When the coking is serious, the furnace tube will be blocked; the surface temperature of the furnace tube will rise. Since the thermal conductivity of the coke layer is much lower than that of steel, the thermal resistance increases when there is coking. Large, the radial temperature gradient of the furnace tube becomes larger, and in the thickest part of the coking layer, hot spots appear on the surface of the furnace tube, which affects the life of the tube; if the surface of the steel tube is rough, the strength of the steel tube is reduced, and the tube crack is easily generated. accident. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically test the viscosity, acid value, residual carbon, and flash point of the heat transfer oil. When the index is exceeded, it is preferable to clean the coke deposits in the heat transfer oil pipe.

 The cleaning agent for cleaning the heat transfer oil coke is generally divided into two categories according to the use mode and principle. First, the alkaline cleaning agent is subjected to multiple cycles of cleaning with water. This cleaning method must be stopped and stopped, using a large amount of clean water, and the cleaning cycle is over. Long, resulting in a large amount of oily wastewater needs post-treatment; Second, the use of American Berson heat-conducting oil high-temperature online cleaning agent, according to the system oil amount of 3%-5% from the high-position tank, in the normal production process to complete the coking cleaning, This cleaning method is simple, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and extremely low cost.

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