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Features of oil fired steam boiler

1. Oil fired steam boiler regulator, Chinese LCD screen, users only need to easily set, the boiler can start and stop according to user requirements, load regulation, automatic water supply and other automatic operation The boiler has complete functions, perfect protection and simple operation When the operation of the boiler is abnormal, combustion is interrupted.

2. The boiler burner is provided by the manufacturer and can be burned and stopped The program regulator has many safety protection functions, with stable performance and low maintenance rate.

3. The oil fired steam boiler adopts the way of burner lowering, secondary oil return structure, sufficient oil combustion, stable operation of the boiler; the smoke pipe is inserted together with the spoiler, which slows down the exhaust speed of the smoke, increases the heat exchange volume, high thermal efficiency of the boiler, and reduces the number of users Cost.
Features of oil fired steam boiler
4. The horizontal steam boiler is a three-way pyrotechnic pipe structure with full wet return flow and downstream flow The flame burns in a small positive pressure in a large combustion chamber, fully burning, fully burning, low heat load, high combustion thermal efficiency and low exhaust gas temperature.

5. The boiler has low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, stable pressure and large gas supply.

6. Large furnace space, large steam storage capacity and strong load adaptability The well-designed built-in steam separator can meet the user’s requirements for higher quality steam The furnace body is equipped with manhole, top hole and hand hole for easy cleaning and maintenance.

7. The boiler safety is equipped with multi-level interlock protection: pressure switch protection (automatic shutdown and alarm higher than the set pressure), low water level protection (water level in the boiler is lower than the warning water level, automatic power-off and alarm), safety valve protection (boiler pressure exceeds the working pressure, automatic air release and pressure reduction) to ensure that the boiler can go home safely.

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