DZL Series Biomass Fired Hot Water Boiler

Product thermal capacity: 1.4 – 14 MW

Working pressure: 1.0-1.6MPA

Available fuel: Biomass molding granules, wood chip, corn cob, palm shell

Available industries: Heating, hotels, schools, hospitals

DZL Series Hot Water Boiler Introduction

DZL series biomass fired boiler is a horizontal three-return chain fire tube grate boiler, burning with pellet forming fuel. The boiler body is arranged in the longitudinal direction of a single boiler barrel, the threaded smoke pipe in the boiler barrel is arranged to form the convection heating surface, and the boiler barrel and the water cooling walls on both sides constitute the radiation heating surface of the furnace. The combustion equipment adopts light collar grate; The whole fast installation form leaves the factory. Electric control realizes stepless speed regulation, limit parameter alarm and interlock protection.

DZL Series Hot Water Boiler Advantage

Processing equipment is advanced

  1. DZL series coal-fired boiler body processing equipment is advanced, exquisite workmanship, guarantee boiler quality.
  2. The key machining processes such as steel plate blanking, circle circle and tube plate drilling all adopt advanced CNC machining technology to reduce assembly stress and extend boiler service life.
  3. The vertical and circumferential seam welding of the boiler adopts advanced submerged arc automatic welding technology to ensure the welding quality.
  4. In the country, the arched tube sheet and the threaded pipe structure were taken first to increase the heat conduction, which completely solved the problem of cracking of the rear tube sheet.
  5. Steel pipe cutting, threaded pipe pressing and convection pipe processing adopt advanced numerical control technology.

Good energy saving effect

  1. Graded air supply, special furnace arch structure, NOx emissions as low as 100mg/m3.
  2. In cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, the domestic and international biomass (such as: rice husk, wood xiao, palm shell, cotton citrus, etc.) are tested for combustion, and the thermal efficiency can reach over 88%.

Safe and worry free

  1. All longitudinal and circumferential seam welds are subjected to 100% radiographic inspection to eliminate unqualified welds.
  2. The chain grate is manufactured by our factory and tested for 72 hours before leaving the factory to ensure that the tightness of the grate is moderate and not biased.
  3. Seven process stop points were set up, and the seven different responsible divisions were separately checked. If any one failed, they could not proceed to the next process.

Auxiliary configuration

  1. Conveyor: Conveyor, evenly feeding, preventing tempering.
  2. Speed ​​control box: According to the biomass burning rate, design a reasonable speed to ensure fuel burnout.
  3. Access door: reasonable manhole and hand hole arrangement, convenient maintenance; the furnace is equipped with an access door for easy maintenance and maintenance.

DZL Series Hot Water Boiler Specification

Model Rated thermal power(t/h/MW) Working pressure(MPa) Rated output water temperature(℃) Return water temperature(℃) Maximum transport size(m)
DZL1.4-0.7/95-70-AⅡ 1.4 0.7 95 70 5.7×2.5×3.5
DZL2.8-0.7/95/70-AⅡ 2.8 0.7 95 70 6.3×2.6×3.6
DZL4.2-1.0/115/70-AⅡ 4.2 1 115 70 7.3×3.2×3.6
DZL7-1.0/115/70-AⅡ 7 1 115 70 7.2×3.3×3.6
DZL10.5-1.0/115/70-AⅡ 10.5 1 115 70 8.8×3.7×3.7
DZL14-1.0/115/70-AⅡ 14 1 115 70 9.7×3.4×3.7


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