Coal/Biomass Fired Boilers

Coal/Biomass Fired Boilers

Coal/Biomass Fired Boilers is a high quality industry equipment. Coal/biomass fired boiler is a boiler whose fuel is coal or biomass. It refers to the thermal power equipment that releases heat through burning fuel in the furnace and heats the thermal medium water or other organic heat carrier (such as heat conducting oil, etc.) to a certain temperature (or pressure). The fuel of the boiler which is fed into the top bin by the feeder, and then into the furnace by the screw feeder, and evenly scattered on the grate. Any need of any kind of coal/biomass fired boilers, just Email Wuxi Zozen Boilers Co.,Ltd.

Coal/biomass fired boilers manufacturer

Coal/biomass fired boilers manufacturer



Coal/Biomass Fired Boilers Definition

Coal/biomass fired boilers, made up by coal/biomass boiler is a kind of boiler. Coal/biomass energy as the fuel of the boiler called coal/biomass boiler, divided into coal/biomass steam boiler, coal/biomass hot water boiler, coal/biomass hot air boiler, coal/biomass heat conduction oil boiler, vertical coal/biomass boiler, horizontal coal/biomass boiler, etc. Widely used in various places where boilers are needed. Zozen Boilers reasonable design and manufacturing structure, high thermal efficiency, greatly save energy consumption. Compared with traditional boilers, boilers have higher efficiency and lower exhaust temperature.

Coal/Biomass Fired Boiler Uses

Coal/biomass fired boiler can quickly get economic benefits, reduce the burden of the furnace workers, improve production efficiency. This series of boilers can be installed on site, convenient and fast, and can also be customized according to customer needs for one-to-one service.

Coal/biomass fired boilers are widely used in factories, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, bath centers, hotels and other enterprises and institutions. The furnace body is equipped with pressure gauge, safety valve, water level gauge and other instrument valves. The pressure gauge shows the pressure situation of the boiler, so that the user can have a good idea; When the boiler reaches a certain pressure, the safety valve automatically opens, deflates pressure, and ensures safe and reliable operation of the boiler.


Coal/biomass fired boilers

Coal/biomass fired boilers



Coal/Biomass Fired Boiler Properties

Coal/Biomass Fired Hot Water Boiler

  • The boiler is designed in accordance with atmospheric pressure, and the top of the furnace body is provided with an air outlet. The boiler operates without pressure and is safe and reliable in combustion;
  • Vertical coal/biomass fired hot water boiler, large heating area, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction; The shell adopts elliptic head, the grate adopts cast iron round grate, which is durable and long service life;
  • The horizontal coal fired atmospheric pressure hot water boiler adopts the three-return water and fire tube structure with the longitudinal arrangement of a single pot barrel. Both sides of the furnace are densely covered with light pipes and water-wall pipes, with reasonable design structure, large heating area, long flue gas flow, good heat transfer effect and low exhaust temperature. So high thermal efficiency, low operating cost, more economical to use;
  • The boiler is compact in layout, small in floor space, convenient in transportation, fast in installation, short in installation cycle, low in installation cost, less in user investment, and fast in recovery benefit;
  • Wide application range, convenient inspection and maintenance, beautiful and generous appearance.


Hot Water Boiler

Hot Water Boiler



Coal/Biomass Fired Steam Boiler

  • The design and manufacture of boilers shall be strictly carried out in accordance with the prescribed standards;
  • The furnace body is provided with pressure gauge, safety valve, water level gauge and other instrument valves. When the boiler reaches a certain pressure, the safety valve automatically opens, deflates and depressurizes, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the boiler;
  • The horizontal coal/biomass fired steam boiler adopts a three-return water and fire tube structure with a single boiler barrel longitudinal arrangement, and both sides of the furnace are densely covered with light pipes and water wall pipes. Design structure is reasonable and compact; The heating area is large, the flue gas flow is long, the heat transfer effect is good, the exhaust temperature is low, so the thermal efficiency is high, the operation cost is low, the use is more economical;
  • The upper part of this series of steam boiler is equipped with a large enough manhole from which personnel can enter the furnace, greatly facilitating the inspection and maintenance of the boiler.
  • The coal/biomass fired steam boiler is equipped with high quality instrument valves and other safety accessories, and the complete set of equipment is safe and durable, satisfying to users. Users can choose to install boiler water softening device, add water treatment, less bile fouling, boiler safety and energy saving.
  • The boiler body chooses the thread smoke pipe, strengthens the heat transfer, saves energy and reduces the consumption.


Coal fired steam boiler price

Coal fired steam boiler price



Composition of Coal/Biomass Fired Boilers

Coal/biomass fired boilers are mainly composed of feeding system, combustion system, ash blowing system, air and flue gas system, automatic control system and other main parts.

Feeding System

The feeding system is composed of bin, vibrating feeder, screw feeder, screw pipe and so on. The fuel processed in the factory is transferred to the silo by the belt conveyor, and then the fuel in the silo is fed to the burner for combustion by the screw feeder.

Combustion System

The combustion system consists of burners, fans, igniters and other components. The fuel is first preheated in the burner and then fed to the furnace by a draught fan for combustion. When the temperature in the furnace reaches the volatilization temperature of volatiles, the igniter fuel can be ignited and burned rapidly under the condition of air supply. Burner temperature control is based on the internal temperature of the furnace, and its temperature is related to the amount of air supply during fuel gasification. The adjustment of boiler load is controlled by the adjustment of feed quantity. The flue gas after combustion enters the convection flue for heat transfer through the furnace, then enters the dust collector for purification treatment, and finally exhausts the whole combustion and heat transfer process.

Ash Blowing System

This series of coal/biomss fired boilers are equipped with automatic ash blowing device, which can regularly purge the furnace and smoke pipe to ensure no ash accumulation on the surface of smoke pipe, thus achieving safe and efficient operation of the boiler.

Air and Flue Gas System

Air supply system: the boiler air supply system is integrated with the burner, and the air is sent to the furnace through the blower through the burner to achieve the role of fuel delivery and combustion support.

Draft dust removal system: Under the action of an induced draft fan, the high-temperature flue gas generated after combustion enters the dust collector through convective heat transfer in the smoke pipe and is finally discharged by the chimney through an induced draft fan.

Automatic Control System

The control system adopts high brightness, full English display, with the control system as the central control unit; Exchange information with boiler users through man-machine dialogue, realizing full automatic operation of boiler.

Coal/Biomass Fired Boilers Manufacturer

As a professional coal/biomass fired boiler manufacturer, Wuxi Zozen Boilers Co.,Ltd. can produce various high quality boilers for different uses. If you are going to buy industry boilers to used for the food manufacturing, clothing factory, cannery and other production and manufacturing industries, please contact Zozen company! If you need the boilers for the heating, canteen, school, hotel and other places, Email Zozen Now! Zozen Boilers manufacturer will offer you the satisfied industrial boilers with low price and good boilers service!


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