Boiler quality and service

For more than 30 years, Zhongzheng Boiler has become the leading company in the domestic industrial boiler manufacturing industry with continuous breakthroughs and innovations in technology. It has an annual production capacity of 2000 sets of industrial boilers and 25,000 tons of steam. Overseas, customers cover hundreds of countries around the world.
This is also inseparable from the concept of “excellent quality, constant service” that Zhongzheng Boiler always adheres to, and constantly upgrades its service while improving product quality. Zhongzheng Boiler has also developed a full-service, whole-hearted, all-weather, all-round four-service standard to achieve quick and efficient troubleshooting for customers. In addition, the “Quality Miles” activity has been expanded several times a year to further expand the coverage of the service, allowing more customers to experience high-quality after-sales service from Zhongzheng Boiler.
The sales manager of Zhongzheng Boiler Sichuan area said: “For customers, Zhongzheng Boiler is the good partner who walks to them, listens to the demand, solves practical problems efficiently and is trustworthy.” In the future, Zhongzheng Boiler will fully integrate the market and enterprise. Demand, always adhere to the quality and service “two hands”, the “Zhongzheng” brand continues to grow bigger and stronger.

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