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Air pollution control boiler

While ZOZEN Air pollution control boiler is welcoming development opportunities, it also faces enormous challenges. The person in charge of ZOZEN Boiler said: “With the tightening of policies, many existing boiler equipment cannot meet new emission requirements, which has greater market demand for boiler manufacturers. At the same time, in order to continuously meet the new regulations. And standards, boiler equipment must be innovated, which requires boiler manufacturers to invest more resources into product development and innovation.”
Air pollution control boiler
ZOZEN Air pollution control boiler always keeps pace with policy guidance, grasps the pulse of the market, adheres to technological innovation, and establishes close school-enterprise cooperation relationship with universities and research institutes such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Beijing Light Boiler Research Institute, and has built a complete R&D system. A number of research and development achievements have successfully applied for national patents, effectively improving the performance of boilers and providing strong technical support for air pollution prevention and control.
Among them,Air pollution control boiler the utility model patent of “steam boiler condensate recovery and utilization device” solves the problem of high residual heat and low utilization rate of discharged condensed water. By recovering the latent heat of vaporization during the condensation process of the flue gas, the efficiency of the boiler is improved, and the exhaust temperature of the boiler is lowered, and the emission of harmful substances in the flue gas is reduced.

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