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Advantages and characteristics of organic heat carrier boilers

The heat transfer oil has the properties of resistance to thermal cracking and chemical oxidation, good heat transfer efficiency, fast heat dissipation and good thermal stability. As a heat transfer medium for industrial oils, heat transfer oil has the following characteristics: Under almost normal pressure conditions, high operating temperatures can be obtained. That is, the operating pressure and safety requirements of the high-temperature heating system can be greatly reduced, and the reliability of the system and equipment can be improved; the process requirements of heating and cooling at different temperatures can be met in a wider temperature range, or the same system can be used in the same system.
Advantages and characteristics of organic heat carrier boilers
The heat transfer oil simultaneously achieves the process requirements of high temperature heating and low temperature cooling. That is, the complexity of the system and operation can be reduced; the water treatment system and equipment are omitted, the thermal efficiency of the system is improved, and the maintenance workload of equipment and pipelines is reduced. That is, the initial investment and operating cost of the heating system can be reduced; in the case of a system leakage caused by an accident, the heat transfer oil may be combusted when it meets an open flame, which is a problem in the heat transfer oil system compared with the water vapor system. However, in the absence of leakage, because the heat transfer oil system operates under low pressure conditions, its operational safety is higher than that of water and steam systems. Compared with molten salt of another type of high-temperature heat transfer medium, the heat transfer oil has an absolute advantage over the heat transfer oil in terms of the price and service life of the heat transfer medium at an operating temperature of 400 ° C or higher, but is otherwise in other respects. Obvious disadvantage, especially in terms of the complexity of system operation.

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