WNS Series Oil Fired Steam Boiler For Sale

WNS series oil fired steam boilers leave the factory in one package to ensure that the boilers can be installed quickly at the user’s site. No other construction or special installation process is required except for water supply and gas supply connection accessories. Before the oil fired steam boilers supply leaves the factory, a series of tests and commissioning are carried out to ensure the quality of the boiler leaves the factory.


Oil fired steam boiler supply

Oil fired steam boilers supply


Oil fired boiler is mainly composed of boiler body, connecting flue, burner, soda water system, instrument, energy saver, condenser, etc. Clean combustion, pollution-free emission, convenient operation and sufficient output. Zozen Boilers can provide users with a full set of custom boiler system solutions, to enhance the user benefit, the boiler thermal efficiency as high as 99.8%. The boiler is equipped with energy saving device, condenser and bipolar energy saving. The thermal efficiency is more than 5% higher than the conventional system, which can effectively save cost resources.

WNS series boilers are fully automatic, safe, intelligent, easy to maintain and unattended. Advanced PLC control system is adopted in the oil fired steam boilers supply, with strong matching and sufficient output. Multiple safety protection devices are set to ensure the stable operation of the boiler. This series of boilers adopt horizontal internal combustion full wet back structure, at the same time adopt efficient threaded pipe, equipped with perfect heat preservation outsourcing design, high thermal efficiency, the overall structure design is reasonable, welcome to consult.

This series of boilers adopt the advanced steam boiler automatic controller, the man-machine interface, the user only needs to set easily, the boiler can start and stop according to the user’s requirements, load regulation, automatic feed water and other automatic operation. The boiler has complete functions, complete protection, simple operation, safe and reliable, with self-diagnosis function. Once the abnormal phenomenon occurs in the boiler operation, the combustion will be interrupted automatically and the acousto-optic alarm will be issued. Oil-fired boiler uses organic combination of mechatronics appearance, exquisite novel, compact structure, less space, convenient transportation, installation.

This series of steam boiler running safety, with multistage interlock protection: pressure switch protection (higher than the set pressure automatic stop and alarm), low water level protection (boiler water level of the body below the warning level, automatically cut off power and alarm), safety valve protection (boiler pressure more than work pressure, automatic discouraged step-down), ensure the boiler under various working conditions is quite safe, arrived back home safe and sound.


Oil fired steam boilers application

Oil fired steam boilers application


Oil fired steam boilers supply has advanced production technology, high degree of automation, safe and reliable operation, and competitive price. New heat insulation materials and high quality white color steel plate packaging, light weight, good thermal insulation performance, beautiful and generous, not easy to rust. Welcome to the majority of users to consult procurement, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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