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SZS series condensing gas superheated steam boiler

Xinzheng Heli Thermal Power Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in heat energy production and central heating, providing heat source for winter heating in Xinzheng people. In the face of increasingly serious environmental problems, Xinzheng Lili decided to respond positively to the “coal to gas” policy proposed by the state, using clean energy natural gas as fuel, and introducing high-efficiency gas boilers to replace the original coal-fired boilers. To this end, Xinzheng and Lieqiang carried out an open bidding. After fierce bidding and layer-by-layer screening, Zhongzheng Boiler defeated other competitors, and won the bid for the coal-based reform of Xinzheng City with the strong comprehensive strength of the company. Gas” project. The winning bid is the energy-saving and environment-friendly product of Zhongzheng Boiler – SZS series condensing gas superheated steam boiler. The membrane water wall structure is used for the surrounding and front and rear walls of this series of boilers. The air tightness is good; the large furnace design is matched with advanced The ultra-low nitrogen burner ensures sufficient fuel combustion, controls NOx emissions below 30mg, and thermal efficiency can be as high as 98% or more. At the same time, flue gas recirculation technology is adopted, and energy-saving devices and condensers are installed at the tail of the boiler flue. The concept of energy saving and environmental protection meets the thermal energy requirements of the project.

SZS series condensing gas superheated steam boiler

We have purchased three superheated steam boilers manufactured by Zhongzheng. After the official operation, we not only met the emission targets required by the environmental protection department, but also significantly improved the thermal efficiency and the operating costs compared with the original boiler. Zhongzheng Boiler is indeed a reliable partner.

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