SZL Series Water Tube Boilers For Sale

By Zozen Boilers developed SZL series water-cooled arch, membrane type water wall boiler assembly is a patented product, the type of boiler with high efficiency, strong overload capacity, wide adaptability of coal, has the advanced level. The area heated is large. Water tube boilers sales furnace belly volume, with good smoke settlement function, output, load regulation capacity. SZL series boiler convective tube bundle adopts S-type structure, which has good heat transfer effect, high thermal efficiency, good dust removal effect and convenient ash cleaning.


Water tube boilers sales

Water tube boilers sales


SZL series boilers adopts two side air supply device, each air chamber can be independently adjusted, with small air leakage and strong adjustability, which can better meet the requirements of chain grate combustion characteristics. It can burn coal and biomass fuel with high ash content, which can be fully ignited and completely burned out. It is the first choice for boiler selection by steam unit because of its large volume, complete internal devices and good steam quality.

The upper part of water tube boilers sales is composed of boiler body, upper furnace wall and insulation layer, and the lower part is composed of chain grate and coal hopper. Easy to install, short cycle and low cost. The auxiliary equipment is complete, the induced draft fan, water pump, dust collector and so on can meet the boiler load requirements, wide speed range, speed is convenient. The boiler is equipped with complete thermal measuring instrument, electric control operation table, drum and induced draft fan, and the grate speed can be automatically operated.

The water outlet temperature of this series water tube boiler is provided with overtemperature protection device, which can automatically cut off the drum, induced draft fan and stop the rotation of the grate when the water temperature rises beyond the specified level or the circulating pump stops suddenly. The boiler is equipped with overpressure alarm and water level automatic adjustment device. The boiler has compact structure, small floor area and beautiful appearance. The boiler room needs only one layer layout and less investment in infrastructure project. SZL series boiler is easy to operate, stable in operation, fast in heating and pressure increasing, full in output, suitable for a wide range of coal.

SZL series chain grate water tube boiler has the characteristics of high automation level, safe and efficient operation, convenient installation and so on. The design of this boiler is optimized and the problem of easy coking is solved. The thermal efficiency is significantly improved and fuel cost is saved. A higher feed inlet is used to meet the demand for biomass fuel. The water circulation system is reasonable, the water capacity is large, the steam space is large, the steam quality is good.


SZL series water tube boiler sales

SZL series water tube boiler for sale


Zozen Boilers is professional industrial boilers manufacturer, our factory boilers production high degree of automation, reasonable price. Water tube boilers sales, stable and reliable operation, long service life, sold to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, has been the customer’s consistent praise and trust. Welcome to consult purchasing.

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