Condensing Oil Fired Boiler in North Korean

The condensing oil fired boiler is a horizontal internal fuel oil quick loading boiler, which mainly adopts the wet-back structure. This series of oil fired boiler has one return journey, the second return journey is made up of smoke pipe and two condenser stages are arranged on the upper part of the boiler. The boiler is equipped with complete automatic control device and safety protection device with high and low water level alarm and low water level interlocking protection function. The boiler can also be automatically ignition, burner fire automatic regulation and extinguishing protection, so as to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.


Condensing oil fired boiler

Condensing oil fired boiler


Advantage Of Condensing Oil Fired Boiler

Energy Saving

  • High-efficiency operation through the use of condensation technology;
  • Partial operation via control system.

Enhanced Maintenance

  • Easy to install and efficient to maintain;
  • Easy to add boiler if hot water supply or heating load is increased.

Reduced Initial Cost

  • Cheaper equipment price if considering heat quantity;
  • Easy to move and install in narrower place thanks to small size.

Enhanced Boiler Capacity

  • Growing boiler capacity efficiently;
  • Quick hot water supply to prevent water pollution.

Convenient Construct Ability

  • Integrated modular type to reduce construction period;
  • Improved construct ability by small equipment and PVC flue.

Comfort and Convenience

  • Comfort living environment according to quiet operation;
  • Easy to use by using front controller and cabled\ remote control.

The fuel of this series of condensing boilers is light oil. The fuel is ejected from the burner, ignited by the electronic ignition rod, and then burned in the furnace under micro-positive pressure. After burnout, the high-temperature flue gas turns 180° from the back combustion chamber into the second return journey, and turns 180° from the upper part of the front smoke box into the secondary condenser. After heat exchange, the primary condenser is discharged into the atmosphere through the chimney. The industrial boiler is composed of compression body, base, packaging and insulation, turning flue, platform escalator, instrument valve and accessories, front smoke box, two-stage condenser and electric control system, etc.


Condensing oil fired boilers price

Condensing oil fired boilers price


This series of oil fired boilers adopt an integral structure in the front smoke box, and the smoke box has an open smoke box door. The form integrity is good, beautiful, generous, open light during maintenance, sealing is also very good. The boiler adopts aluminum silicate and centrifugal glass wool as insulation materials, which has good insulation performance, light weight and convenient transportation and installation. The upper part of the boiler is provided with a manhole device and the lower part is provided with a cleaning device for easy maintenance and maintenance.

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