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4 tons WNS series condensing gas boiler

Jin Xinnong signed an investment cooperation agreement with Wujiang District Government of Wuhu City to build an annual output of 500,000 tons of green pollution-free pig feed in Wuhu, Anhui. The production of feed in this project requires the use of water vapor heating from the boiler. Jin Xinnong has recommended a 4 ton WNS condensing gas boiler in Zhongzheng Boiler. The Zhongzheng technicians introduced a large amount of waste heat in the heating process of feed production, and recommended this WNS series boiler with a condenser at the tail for Jin Xinnong. At that time, the waste heat in the flue gas can be exhausted from the tail of the boiler to increase the inlet water temperature of the boiler. Reduce the exhaust gas temperature, improve the boiler thermal efficiency, and save operating costs for the enterprise. After the completion of the project, Anhui Jinxinong Construction has 2 20t/h high-grade suckling pig production lines, 50t/h pig compound feed production lines, 10t/h composite premix production lines and 6t/h puffed raw material production lines.
4 tons WNS series condensing gas boiler
It has been said that Zhongzheng boilers occupy one of the best positions in the boiler industry. The boilers produced are safe, reliable, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and durable. In addition, there are still many enterprises in the feed industry that purchase Zhongzheng Boiler. This time, we built a pig feed project in Wuhu. After various inspections, we also chose to cooperate with Zhongzheng Boiler.

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